Sebastian Ehrnrooth


Joined Segulah in 2000. Master of Engineering from Linköping and MBA from IMD in Lausanne. Formerly deputy CEO of CityMail, project manager at Bain & Company and sales manager at Motorola in Sweden.

Assignments for Segulah: Chairman of the Board Segulah Advisor AB and Hermes Medical Solutions.  Board member of Beerenberg, KP Components and Pelly Group.

Prior assignments for Segulah: Board member of Segulah AB, NVS Installation, HMS Industrial Networks, Kosan Crisplant A/S, NEA Elektriska, PMC, Callenberg, Isaberg Rapid, Scan Coin, Medstop, Teknikmagasinet, CCS Healthcare and Gunnebo Lifting & Blocks.

Contact details:
+46 402 87 00