Segulah V L.P. acquires HERMES Medical Solutions AB

4 April, 2016

Segulah V L.P. has acquired HERMES Medical Solutions AB from its founder Jan Bertling.

HERMES provides systems and software for integrating, visualizing, processing and archiving imaging data from different modalities and vendors’ scanning devices within molecular imaging and radiology. The systems are primarily used by physicians enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients, thereby increasing efficiency.

The Company, founded by Jan Bertling in 1976, has 65 employees and is headquartered in Stockholm with subsidiaries in UK, US, Canada and China. Customers include over 700 of the world´s most prestigious hospitals.

HERMES has over the past 40 years had a consistent focus on creating long-term value for its users by providing support for correct diagnose, and thereby improving patient health quality. I am confident Segulah will keep this focus and continue to develop the Company further”, says Jan Bertling, Founder of HERMES.

We are delighted to have Segulah as a new, active owner in HERMES and believe that the experience and competence they contribute, in combination  with our expertise within Molecular Imaging, will be important for our continued global expansion”, says Sofia Bertling, CEO of HERMES.

“HERMES is a true global market leader active in a growing niche market. Segulah sees great potential in growing the business further together with the management team and is pleased to become the new owner”, says Marcus Planting-Bergloo, Partner at Segulah Advisor AB.

Jan Bertling has done a tremendous job in developing HERMES over the last 40 years and it is with great pride we now take over the responsibility of the Company´s continued successful development”, says Gabriel Urwitz, Chairman of Segulah Advisor AB.

The acquisition will be Segulah V L.P.’s fourth investment.

For further information please visit, or contact:

Sofia Bertling, CEO, HERMES Medical Solutions AB, +46 8 19 03 25

Marcus Planting-Bergloo, Partner, Segulah Advisor AB, +46 8 402 87 13

Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Managing Partner, Segulah Advisor AB, +46 8 402 87 02

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