Segulah sells its holding in Byggfakta

5 August, 1998

AB Segulah has sold its holding in Byggfakta Scandinavia AB. The company was bought in 1996 by a group of investors led by AB Segulah, HEV Ltd and Sture Wigart. The seller was Thomson International. Byggfakta has now been sold to Contruction Market Data Group, a company entirely focused on construction information.

Construction Market Data Group today runs businesses in the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Construction Market Data Group had a turnover in 1997 of roughly USD 100 million and for 1998 a turnover of USD 125 million is projected. Byggfakta Scandinavia AB had a turnover in 1997 of approximately USD 20 million with businesses in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Norway and Denmark. The transaction also includes Byggfaktas 50 % holding in the Australian construction information company Cordell, with an approximate turnover of USD 7.5 million.

Matti Karkkolainen will remain the CEO of Byggfakta Scandinavia AB and Stefan Lindqvist will remain the CEO of Byggfakta AB. The chairman of Byggfakta Scandinavia Sture Wigart will have a seat on the board of the new mother firm. Through the transaction one of the world’s three largest construction information companies will be formed.

For more information please contact Daniel Sachs at Segulah, phone +46-8-442 89 50

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