Segulah IV’s portfolio Company CCS/Opus acquires Antibac from Kemetyl

20 September, 2011

CCS /Opus acquires Antibac from Kemetyl

In May 2011 Segulah IV, L.P. acquired and merged CCS and Opus Health Care. CCS/Opus is now strengthening its position in the field of hygiene through the acquisition of the hygiene busi­ness Antibac from Kemetyl.

– Through the acquisition of Kemetyl’s operations within the field of hygiene, including the Antibac brand, we strengthen our position in the Nordic market for personal care, broaden our product portfolio and get even better opportunities to continue to develop new products together with our customers, says Jonas Nilsson, CEO of CCS/Opus.

The acquisition encompasses Kemetyl’s activities in the area of hygiene including the marketing and sales organizations in Sweden, Norway and Poland, and the main brand Antibac. Kemetyl’s products have strong market positions mainly in Norway and Sweden. Annual revenue amounts to approximately SEK 100 million.

CCS re-entered the Segulah family in May this year when Segulah IV, L.P. also acquired Opus Health Care, the market leader in Sweden for a variety of hygiene and skin care products to hospitals and county councils among others.

Simultaneously, Segulah III, L.P. now acquires all outstanding shares of Kemetyl from co-owner Pemco and thus becomes the sole owner, with a clear focus to further develop Kemetyl’s European op­erations in the areas of Car Care, Home & Garden and industrial chemicals in Scandinavia.

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For further information, contact:
Jonas Nilsson, CEO, CCS, Cell: +46 (0) 705-54 16 80
Erik Hantoft, CEO, Kemetyl, Cell  +46 (0) 734-34 60 30
Christian Tegenmark, Investment Manager, Segulah Advisor
Cell: +46 (0)707 67 12 92,

CCS is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of personal care products for skin and dental care, pharmaceuti­cals, primarily in skin and eye care, and stomach / intestine and is a supplier and partner primarily to pharmacies in Sweden, Scandinavia and Britain. CCS works continuously with product development and has a strong product portfolio with brands such as CCS, Oliva by CCS and Vera by CCS and has also developed products in collaboration with other trademark hold­ers, for example, Bamse and Odd Molly. The production, which includes contract manufacturing, is located to Borlänge, Sweden.

Opus Healthcare is a market leader in the Swedish health care market for a variety of disinfectants and skin care products to hospitals and counties, office supplies wholesalers and others in Scandinavia. Most important is the DAX brand with a range of products for disinfection and skin care. In collaboration with Unilever, Opus Health care also markets Zendium oral care products, and Neutral, an eco-labeled serial washing, dishwashing and cleaning products without perfume and unnecessary chemical additives.

Kemetyl Group is a car care and chemicals company, offering car care, household and industrial chemicals. It is represented by approximately 300 employees in 15 European countries and has annual sales of SEK 1.6 billion. Kemetyl has four pro­duction sites in Sweden, Holland and Norway. The main product groups are wind screen fluid, antifreeze, cleaning chemi­cals, lighter fluid and fuel products. Going forward, Kemetyl is to focus on the business areas Car Care, Home & Garden, and the market for industrial chemicals. Kemetyl will continue to manufacture the hygiene products, which are now being transferred to CCS / Opus.

Founded in 1994, Segulah is a private equity partnership focused on lower mid market buyouts in the Nordic region, with a business model of active ownership through its extensive network of industrial advisors. Segulah Advisor AB is the exclusive investment advisor to the Segulah II (MSEK 850), Segulah III (MSEK 2,356) and Segulah IV (MSEK 5,200) UK Limited Partnerships.

The funds’ current portfolio of companies includes: InfoCare (electronics repair and installation services), PMC Group (hydraulics and pneumatics), S:t Eriks (prefabricated concrete products),  Kemetyl (car care, hygiene and industrial  chemicals), Almondy (frozen cakes), SKT (low pressure sewer systems), Gunnebo Industries (lifting, fastening, trac­tion products, blocks), Medstop (pharmacies), eTRAVELi (on-line travel agent), Scan Coin (cash han­dling equipment and service, Balco (balconies and balcony glazing systems) and CCS/Opus (personal care products).

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