Segulah III acquires Nilssons Gott

12 December, 2007

Nilssons Gott AB with the brand Exotic Snacks is the leading supplier of natural snacks to the Swedish market. The business was started by Rolf E Nilsson in the mid-1980’s. Today Nilssons Gott is a nationwide distributor to most of the large food retail chains. The product mix includes a wide assortment of natural snacks and products based on nuts, rice, fruit and chocolate sold under a self service concept (Pick & Mix) and in packaged form. Nilssons Gott is expected to experience continued strong growth on the back of current health trends. Turnover current financial year is projected to MSEK 400.

Rolf E Nilsson will continue to be active in day to day operations and remain as a substantial shareholder with a 20% ownership.

Segulah’s industrial adviser Mr Peter Elfving (former CEO of Kraft Nordic) will become Chairman. In addition, Mr Svante Nilsson (former CEO of ICA and COOP) and Björn Krasse (former CEO of Pressbyrån, ICA Menyföretagen and 7 Eleven) will join the Board.

“I am glad to have Segulah as a new majority owner of Nilssons Gott. I am convinced that Segulah will be able to further develop the Business and be an attractive owner for our employees. Segulah will provide valuable experience from the Nordic food retail market through its industrial advisors that will join the new Board”, says Rolf E Nilsson, CEO and founder.

“Rolf E Nilsson has developed a very successful business model through the Exotic Snacks concept. I look forward to working with the Company in my new role as Chairman”, says Peter Elving, new Chairman.

Segulah foresees further expansion opportunities for Nilssons Gott. We look forward to developing the Company together with Rolf E Nilsson and our industrial advisors”, says Percy Calissendorff partner at Segulah.

The acquisition of Nilssons Gott will be Segulah III, L.P.’s seventh investment. The transaction is subject to Swedish Competition Authority approval.

For further information please visit or contact:

Percy Calissendorff, Partner
Segulah Advisor AB
+46 (0)8 442 89 50

Marcus Jansson, Junior Partner
Segulah Advisor AB
+46 (0)8 442 89 50

Peter Elving
+46 (0)70 520 09 27

Rolf E Nilsson, CEO
Nilssons Gott AB
+46 (0)8 555 411 00

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