Segulah II L.P. has sold its shares in HMS Networks AB

2 June, 2008

Segulah II L.P.has per 30 May 2008 sold all of its shares, a total of 649 105, in HMS Networks AB, corresponding to 6.1 per cent of the share capital and votes in the company. After this sale, Segulah II L.P. does not own any shares in HMS.

Investment AB Latour acquired all of Segulah’s shares and now controls more than 10 per cent of the capital and votes in HMS.

“HMS is a well run company, which continues to offer an attractive potential for further development. However, Segulah’s business model does not include ownership of minority positions in publicly traded companies. When Latour recently contacted us about HMS it was natural for us to accept. We believe Latour is a good owner in HMS with a long term commitment as well as broad industrial experience”, says Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Segulah Advisor AB.

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