Segulah I sells the Ekonomihuset Group

11 June, 1999

Segulah I has signed an agreement to divest the Ekonomihuset Group.

Ekonomihuset Stiftelseförvaltning AB (the Group’s pension foundation management arm) and Ekorren Trygghetsfond, the Group’s mixed fund with assets totalling SEK 1,2 billion, is taken over by SEB, the Swedish banking group. Ulf Redemo, CEO of Ekonomihuset Stiftelseförvaltning AB and Deputy CEO of the Ekonomihuset Group, will assume responsibility for pension foundations at SEB.

Ekonomihuset Fondförvaltning, that manages three smaller funds, and Ekonomihuset Kapitalförvaltning AB are acquired by Aragon Holding, the Swedish stockbroker and fund manager. Ulf ™ster, Group CEO of Ekonomihuset, will take over Aragon’s business area Fund Management.

The final execution of both transactions are contingent on approval from the Swedish Regulatory Authority, Finansinspektionen.

For additional information please contact Daniel Sachs at AB Segulah phone +46 8 442 89 50.

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