Segulah I acquires Teli Service AB from Swedish PTO Telia

4 November, 1997

Teli Service is the leading brand independent supplier of workshop repair and logistics services for IT products in the Nordic region. The company’s turnover is MSEK 165 at service units in Stockholm, Kristinehamn, V”nersborg, G”vle, and Malm”. The customers are among others Telia, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Compaq, On-Off, and Geab.

Segulah has acquired 100 % of the capital and votes in the company.

“We are very positive towards getting a competent and financially strong owner, dedicated to development of the company. We expect strong expansion, possibly with entries into the neighbouring Nordic countries. Telia has been a good owner but the business is rapidly changing and our customers are globalizing. Through this ownership shift we can work even more independently from our suppliers and follow our customers into Europe, at the same time remaining a solid partner to Telia.”
Kent Bladh, MD Teli Service AB

“Teli Service is a very interesting company with a dominant position in a growing business. The company has great development potential through its knowledge within both telephony and computers. Telia is and will remain an important customer for Teli Service. We do, however, see a large potential in further expanding the customer base and in entering into additional partnerships with a number of large clients.”
Gabriel Urwitz, AB Segulah

For further information please contact Christian Sievert at AB Segulah, phone +46-8-665 32 70

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