Segulah I acquires Håells Modul System

9 March, 1999

SEGULAH has acquired 91 % of the HŏELLS Group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of system fittings for service vehicles.

The sellers are the company’s founder and main owner, Harry Andersson, and F”retagskapital AB (within the Atle Group). F”retagskapital has been a minority owner since 1991. Harry Andersson will retain 9 % ownership in the company.

The HELLS Group is based in western Sweden with head office in M”lndal, outside Gothenburg, and manufacturing in Mullsj”, outside J”nk”ping. The company’s products are marketed under the brand name “Modul-System” and are sold by H†ells’ own sales force in Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium and through distributors in the rest of Europe. In 1998, the Group had a turnover of SEK 154 million. 75 % of sales were outside of Sweden. The total number of employees are 150.

For further information please contact Christian Sievert at Segulah, tel: + 46-8-442 89 53.

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