Segulah completes generation shift

14 January, 2019

Gabriel Urwitz, founder and Chairman of Segulah, will step down from the role of Chairman. Having founded the business in 1994 and served as Managing Partner as well as Chairman for 25 years,
Gabriel will remain a member of the Investment Committee for the duration of the Segulah V investment period, as well as board member in several portfolio companies.

Sebastian Ehrnrooth, currently Managing Partner, will take on the role of Chairman.

Sebastian, who joined Segulah in 2000 as a deal partner, has led and participated in a large number of transactions in Segulah II, III, IV and V.

Marcus Planting-Bergloo, currently deal partner, will take on the role of Managing Partner. Marcus, who joined Segulah in 2007 and became a Partner in 2013 has led and participated in numerous successful Segulah acquisitions, including Isaberg Rapid, Scan Coin, Beerenberg, Oglaend Industries, Sandbäckens, Hermes Medical Solutions and most recently Francks Kylindustri.

These changes will become effective April 1st, 2019.


For questions, please contact:

Gabriel Urwitz,,  +46 705 908 900

Sebastian Ehrnrooth,, +46 733 604 205

Marcus Planting-Bergloo,, +46 702 291 185

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