Segulah appoints Industrial Partner and recruits Financial Controller

17 August, 2007

Lennart Kalén, formerly CEO of Dahls Sweden (owned by Saint Gobain) and currently a member of the board of the Segulah Investment Advisor, has been appointed Industrial Partner of Segulah and will be active in evaluating new investments and developing the portfolio going forward. Lennart is also non-executive Chairman of two companies owned by Segulah funds, Previa in Segulah II and Nordform in Segulah III.

We are excited that Lennart will become part of the day-to-day operations of Segulah. This is a natural extension of the relationship we have had with him since 2000 as Industrial Advisor. Lennart’s industrial experience includes over 35 years as a manager in leading, global businesses including SKF, Fläkt, Alfa Laval and Saint Gobain, and as an operational manager in a leveraged buy-out (Dahl). His contribution to Segulah’s deal generation as well as to the development of the portfolio companies where he is Chairman has already been significant.

Ole Bark. Segulah has also recruited Ole Bark as Financial Controller. Ole joins Segulah from Siemens where he has spent five years as Financial Controller. Prior to that, Ole spent one year at Carlsberg. Ole holds an MSc in BA from the University of Stockholm.

Christian Sievert
Managing Partner

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