Sebastian Ehrnrooth becomes sole Managing Partner – Henrik Lif leaves Segulah

2 September, 2016

Sebastian Ehrnrooth takes on the role as sole Managing Partner, having previously shared that role with Henrik Lif. Sebastian has been with Segulah for 16 years.

Henrik Lif, who joined Segulah in 2014 and became co-Managing Partner in 2015, will leave Segulah.

Henrik’s responsibilities will be shared by the partner group consisting of Percy Calissendorff, Marcus Planting-Bergloo, Erik Thornell, Håkan Dahlin, Sebastian Ehrnrooth and Gabriel Urwitz.

”Henrik’s departure comes after a discussion in the partner group about the management of the firm. We appreciate Henrik’s contribution to Segulah and wish him the best of luck with future endeavors”, says Sebastian Ehrnrooth.

For further information, please contact:

Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Managing Partner, Segulah Advisor AB, +46 8 402 87 00

For a link to a picture of Sebastian Ehrnrooth, please click on his name above.

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