Same team – a few changes

7 May, 2013

Same team – a few changes.  After 10 years as Managing Partner, Christian Sievert will now focus 100% on deal generation, deal making and working with existing port­folio companies – Gabriel Urwitz will take over as Managing
Part­ner and Lennart Ribohn will become Chairman of Segulah Advisor AB.

Next year, Segulah will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Since 1994, we have successfully in­vested our own capital. In 1997, we launched the first fund of MSEK 200 with external inves­tors and by 2007 we had launched the fourth, with MSEK 5,200. The 40 external in­vestors are 95% comprised of non-Swedish institutions from all over the world. From the time the first fund was launched, the full time team has grown from 4 people to 25. In total, the funds have so far acquired 38 portfolio companies in the Nordic Region at a combined value of MSEK 16,200.

Over the last 10 years that Christian Sievert has been Managing Partner, Segulah has de­veloped from a small informal private equity firm into a full-fledged, mature mid market pri­vate equity part­nership. During his tenure as Managing Partner, Christian has been re­sponsible for strategy de­velopment, fundraising, investor relations, recruitment and devel­opment of em­ployees, industrial advisors and board members, development of Segulah’s partnership structure and corporate gov­ernance issues.

To enable Christian to focus fully on deal generation, deal making and portfolio company devel­opment, Segulah’s founder Gabriel Urwitz will take over as Managing Partner. He will be suc­ceeded as Chairman of Segulah Advisor by Lennart Ribohn, former senior executive vice presi­dent and CFO of Electrolux and board member of Segulah Advisor for over ten years.

Christian: “I have enjoyed developing Segulah’s team and funds to what they are today. After 16 years at Segulah, including 10 as Managing Partner, I look forward to being able to focus fully on deal making and portfolio company development in this exciting but demand­ing eco­nomic envi­ronment”.

Gabriel: “I want to thank Christian for his outstanding contributions as Managing Partner and look forward to continue working with him and the rest of the team in this reconstituted team frame­work”.

For further questions:
Gabriel Urwitz, Managing Partner, +46 70 590 89 00
Christian Sievert, Partner, +46 708 66 96 94

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