• Segulah I and DSC acquire Mr Music

    13 December, 1999

    Segulah I, in co-operation with its British partner Duke Street Capital and the company management has acquired Mr Music Holding from the previous owner. Mr Music is the leading music club in Scandinavia. The company produces and sells compilations of…

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  • Segulah I sells the Ekonomihuset Group

    11 June, 1999

    Segulah I has signed an agreement to divest the Ekonomihuset Group. Ekonomihuset Stiftelseförvaltning AB (the Group’s pension foundation management arm) and Ekorren Trygghetsfond, the Group’s mixed fund with assets totalling SEK 1,2 billion, is taken over by SEB, the Swedish…

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  • Segulah I acquires Håells Modul System

    9 March, 1999

    SEGULAH has acquired 91 % of the HŏELLS Group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of system fittings for service vehicles. The sellers are the company’s founder and main owner, Harry Andersson, and F”retagskapital AB (within the Atle Group)….

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