Callenberg acquires ABB’s Marine Ventilation Business Unit.

4 July, 2005

Callenberg Group AB, as of today’s date, acquired ABB’s Marine Ventilation Business Unit located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Based in Uddevalla, Callenberg is one of the leading engineering groups within electrical automation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) serving the marine and offshore industry in the Nordic region, Far East and the US.

The acquisition of Marine Ventilation follows 18 months after Callenberg’s acquisition of ABB’s Marine & Offshore Ventilation Business Unit, located in Oslo. In addition, Callenberg recently acquired Semco Maritime, the leading electrical engineering firm serving the Danish marine industry.

Including the full year effect of this most recent acquisition, Callenberg’s annual turnover will exceed MSEK 800 with close to 500 employees located across the Nordic region, in the US, Singapore and China.

“Following this acquisition we have established a broad technology base in our chosen areas of expertise. Within electrical engineering, automation and HVAC we are now a significant supplier to highly demanding customers across the world. I am very happy about this step in our development” says Mr. Lars Marcusson, CEO of the Callenberg Group.

Since 2001, the Callenberg Group is owned by Segulah II, L.P., a Nordic mid-cap private equity fund advised by AB Segulah. “This acquisition is a landmark for us. We complete an acquisition trail which has allowed the Callenberg group to grow four times in as many years”, explains Mr. Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Partner at Segulah.

For additional information please contact:
Lars Marcusson, CEO Callenberg Group AB, tel. +46 (0)522 68 68 00,
mob. +46 (0)709 44 51 00
Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Partner AB Segulah, tel. +46 (0)8 442 89 50,
mob. +46 (0)733 60 42 05

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